What’s Your Favorite Lube?

Mar 07, 2023

Written by @zillennial.byjazmine


What is your favorite lube?

When I first found out that lube existed, I was excited. I was curious and knew I would one day like to try it… Fast forward to a couple of years back, I had the chance to try it with a partner, and WOW, it made things way easier. I know some may say, “well, I don’t need lube.; I’m a waterfall down there…” to be honest, I used to think the same thing but don’t knock it till you try it, and after I tried it I realized why people choose to use it. 

    Although I don’t have much experience using lube, I recall my first time learning about it and seeing it at my local target. At first, I was confused. I thought, well, what is this used for? Is it only for older women who have gone through menopause and can’t get wet anymore? Is it just for anal sex? I realized these thoughts come from what others say and the stereotypes associated with lube use. 

     Now, with my recent learning experiences and putting myself out there to learn more, I know that lube is something that anyone of any (consenting) age can use during the sexy time with their partner(s) and during masturbation.

We know lube can help during sexual acts, 

But first, lets deep dive into; 

  •  What is lube?

Lube, short for lubricant, is a gel, liquid, or cream designed to reduce friction during sexual activity. It can be used for various sexual activities, including vaginal, anal, and oral sex, as well as masturbation.

What is it made out of?

Well, it's typically made from water, silicone, or oil and may include other ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, or flavoring. It all depends on which one you buy (always read the ingredients, in case you are allergic to any). Some lubes are also designed to provide a warming or cooling sensation, for example, Trojans Fire and Ice lube.

  •  What to expect when you use it:

Are you using lube for the first time? Lube can/will enhance your sexual experience and make sex more comfortable and pleasurable.

Some things you can expect when you use lube for the first time:

  •  Increased comfort: Lube can reduce friction and increase comfort during sex, especially if you experience vaginal dryness or discomfort. Also, a BIG help for anal Sex.
  •  Enhance pleasure: Lube can enhance pleasure by increasing sensitivity and making sex feel more pleasurable. 
    1.  Different sensations: Depending on the lube you use, you may experience other sensations. Water-based lube, for example, tends to be more slippery and wet, while silicone-based lube can feel smoother and more slippery.
  •  No mess: Lube can be messy, but most lubes are easy to clean up with soap and water 
  1.  Safer for use with condoms and toys: Lube is safe with condoms and sex toys and can make these experiences more enjoyable and comfortable.
  2.  A little goes a long way: Starting with a small amount of lube and adding more as needed is essential. Too much lube can reduce friction and make it difficult to maintain traction during sex, and can cause an accident.


When should you use lube? How should it be used?

Lube can be used in various sexual situations to enhance pleasure and reduce discomfort. Here are some cases where lube may be useful

  1.  Vaginal dryness
  2.  Anal Sex
  3.  Longer sex sessions
  4.  Sex Toys
  5.  Masturbation

However, there are some situations where lube should not be used,

For example, oil-based lubes should not be used with latex condoms as they weaken the condom and increase the risk of breakage 

Always use/choose your lubes cautiously, as some people may be allergic to specific lube or ingredients. It's essential to test a small amount of lab on the skin before using it during sexual activity. It's also essential to follow the instructions and choose a lube compatible with your body and sexual activities.

 What type of lube is there? Which can be used with certain toys?

Water based:

  •  Compatible with all toys and condoms
  •  Great for sensitive bodies
  •  Stain-free fun ;)


  •  Silky and smooth
  •  Great for water play
  •  Silicone base lubes don’t absorb as fast as water-based, which means, they are ideal for anal, longer sessions, or stainless steel toys.
  •  DO NOT USE with Silicone toys.

Hybrid lubes:

  •  It is a fusion of silicone and water-based lubes
  •  Last longer than water-based but is not as oily as silicone lube.
  •  When using it with condoms or toys, compatibility is based on the main ingredient in the lube.*

CBD infused:

  •  Helps decrease inflammation
  •  Increases blood flow
  •  When using it with condoms or toys, compatibility is based on the main ingredient in the lube.*

**water-based is safe for condoms/silicone toys

oil/coconut oil-based lubes are NOT safe for condoms 

Silicone breaks down silicone toys over time**


Remember, lube is a normal and healthy part of sexual exploration and can help you have more comfortable and pleasurable experiences.


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