My Experience: Playing Our Card Game

Mar 07, 2023

Written by @zillennialbyjimena

Recently, I got the chance to play the Zillennial Sexuality Card Game with two other friends after our weekly dinner. We have known each other since elementary school, yet we have never really gone in-depth on our sex life and our thoughts on sexuality. So it was an enlightening, fun, and new experience for us. 


Here are some of the cards that cause the most conversation between us:


  1. Have you ever taken or sent a nude photo for a partner?

This question sparked a conversation about trust in relationships. Unfortunately, It is common for ex-partners to expose and spread sexual pictures/videos of their past significant other. In high school, we would often hear of scenarios just like this. This has been engraved in our minds since then, and we all agreed that it would take a lot of trust in our partner for us to send nude images. 


  1. Did you grow up in a sex-positive or sex-negative household? How much did your family talk about sex?

During this question, we all agreed that it was neither positive nor negative. It just was not talked about. The most I ever got out of my parents in high school was my mom telling me, “It is more expensive to have a baby than to get you on the pill. I can get you on the pill if you’d like.” So, it was not like sex did not exist;  more like it does, but we just ignored it. We agreed that it was not because our parents feared we would start having sex earlier than they’d like but more like they wanted to save themselves from the possible awkwardness.


  1. Have you ever faked an orgasm for someone else?

This question brought us a lot of laughter as we realized that among us three, only one of us had reached an orgasm via male. One. Single. Time. We all sat with shocked faces because we could not believe it. We talked about how often we hear that women have to fake their orgasms; however, I do not think we realized how common it was. We figured we were just part of an unlucky bunch. 


Although I chose to play the card game with my friends, you can also play with your significant other. It is a great bonding experience, allowing you to ask further questions about certain topics. I really enjoyed playing because it provided some closure and good laughs. 

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