Embrace Self-Acceptance and Love Your Body!

WE DREAM OF A WORLD WHERE feeling good in our bodies is the norm. That's why we created BODIES, an online course designed by therapists to give you the tools and education to feel sexy in your own skin and love being naked!

WE WERE TIRED OF FEELING BAD ABOUT OUR BODIES and wanted to empower people to change their perspective. Our course is here to help you overcome discomfort around being naked, navigate frustration with your body, and conquer the fear of changing body size.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you struggle with looking in the mirror, avoiding showers or swimming, feeling uncomfortable with your partner, or lacking confidence in your own sexuality? Are you constantly comparing yourself to old pictures, fearing judgment from others, or missing out on celebrating special events because of body insecurities?


IMAGINE IF movement was fun again, clothing felt right, and you genuinely understood and appreciated your body. With BODIES, you can make that a reality!

Our comprehensive course, carefully crafted by therapists, will guide you on a journey of self-acceptance and body positivity. We'll tackle the negative impact of Diet Culture, help you shed its weight, and equip you with empowering tools to fight for your body instead of against it.


🌟 Achieve Body Neutrality: Experience a shift from self-criticism to self-acceptance and foster a positive relationship with your body.

🌟 Speak to Your Younger Self: Reflect on your journey and provide guidance and compassion to your past self.

🌟 Understand and Appreciate Your Body More: Gain a deep understanding of your body and learn to embrace and celebrate its uniqueness.

GO AT YOUR OWN PACE, with 1-year access to course material. Enjoy DIRECT ACCESS to coaches and CONNECT with a supportive community of individuals on a similar journey.

Hi, I'm Maddie Hundley, MMFT, the founder and creator Zillennial Therapy. I have teamed up with Theresa Brown, MA, LPCC to creat this course. As therapists with a passion for helping individuals understand their bodies and sexuality, we wanted to provide accessible and affordable therapeutic resources. With BODIES, We are sharing our knowledge in a creative new way to empower Zillennials.

Are you ready to feel better? Join us on this transformative journey and start embracing self-acceptance and love for your body. Let's make feeling good in our bodies the new norm!

Sign up for BODIES today. It's time to prioritize your well-being and cultivate a positive relationship with your body. You deserve it!

You will have access to this course for 1 year.


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