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14 Day Intimacy Bootcamp Communication Challenge

Give your relationship the attention it deserves & allow deeper connection & intimacy.

Do it at your pace, on your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime! This is an online challenge that you can come back to daily. This is at your pace, on your time.

There are 14 days worth of activities. Each should take somewhere between 5 minutes to an hour depending on how much effort you put into it each day.

You will have access to the challenge for 365 days!

Learn Skills & Techniques From a Sexuality Educator

Hi! Iā€™m Maddie Sheffer, M.S., MMFT a Texan living in LA. I got my masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from the University of Southern California. I have been working, learning, and teaching about sexuality for the past 5 years and I want to share my knowledge of human sexuality in a creative new way with everyone!


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