14-Day Intimacy Communication Challenge

Introducing: 14 Days to Better Intimacy

Elevate Your Connection & Rediscover Passion!

This 2-week challenge will help you and your partner navigate difficult conversations about sex, intimacy, & emotions.

The Challenge Includes:

  • work on communication skills
  • intimacy building activities
  • question prompts to guide hard conversations
  • psychoeducation from a practicing couple's therapist
  • access to online resources and more!

Experience a world where you can prioritize your relationships, deepen your connection, and embrace fulfilling intimacy. The 14-Day Intimacy Bootcamp is a private, online course designed to transform your relationship and bring you closer together.

I totally understand that couples therapy can be expensive. That's why I have tried to make this course affordable and accessible, allowing you to experience the benefits of therapy from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Do you struggle with communication issues, a sense of disconnect from your partner, or frustrations around your sexuality? Are you yearning to reignite the spark and recapture the feelings you had in the beginning?

Give your relationship the attention it deserves and allow deeper connection & intimacy!

Imagine conversations flowing effortlessly, sex becoming a source of pleasure and connection, and feeling as connected as you did in the early days. With The 14-Day Intimacy Bootcamp, you can make this a reality!

Curated by couples therapist Maddie Hundley, MMFT, (Maddie Sheffer, AMFT) this course guides you on a transformative journey:

Nurture your relationship and deepen your connection through the art of repair, strengthening your bond even after moments of conflict. Explore desire patterns and sexual functioning, embracing the understanding that differences are normal and celebrating your unique experience. Transform your communication dynamics by recognizing and addressing destructive patterns, fostering healthier interactions.

The payoff? Better communication and intimacy, engaging activities for connection, and expert psychoeducation from a team of therapists and educators.

Enjoy the flexibility to go at your own pace, with 1-year access to course materials. Benefit from direct access to Maddie for personalized support and connect with a supportive community of couples on a similar journey.

There are 14 days worth of activities. Each should take somewhere between 5 minutes to an hour depending on how much effort you put into it each day.

You can access this course after the 14-day period so don't feel rushed if you get behind.

I'm Maddie Hundley, MMFT, the founder and creator of Zillennial Therapy and the Intimacy Bootcamp. As a passionate couples therapist dedicated to strengthening relationships, I've created this course to provide accessible and affordable resources. Together, let's empower couples to cultivate deeper connection and intimacy in their lives.

Are you ready to elevate your relationship?

Embark on this transformative 14-day journey, prioritize your connection, and rediscover passion. Sign up for The 14-Day Intimacy Bootcamp today. It's time to invest in your relationship and create a world where love flourishes. You deserve it!


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